September 25, 2020

Table Service Restaurants / Fine-dining Restaurants

In order to offer speedy services, restaurant operator has been looking for mobile hand terminal to serve their customer better. Traditionally, order is taken on paper and then key into the system through station which is not on the same spot. This approach cannot cope with customer demand with on-line information e.g. best offer of the day, sold out alert, customer history reference, bonus/gift points inquiry, membership handling, credit card processing etc.

A mobile PDA offer an information link on-line real time for waiter/waitress to serve their guest much better, faster and more informative. It can take an order without leaving the customer. It can swipe a credit card without carrying away the card from customer’s eye sight. When a dish is ready, waiter can be notified by inbuilt vibrator of the PDA. Special event e.g. happy hour , drawer cash exceed pre-set amount etc. can be informed by different color flash of LED on the PDA. It also saves precious space to house a terminal and avoid color matching issue for style consideration.
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