January 24, 2022

Learn more about the advantages of deploying WideFly PDA in Hospitality environment and how it helps your business when compared with some common consumer based PDAs like HP hx2490.

  WideFly WF28 WideFly WF35 HP hx2490
Front View
Processor, Memory & Operating System
Processor Samsung 300MHz Samsung 400MHz Intel 520MHz
RAM 64MB 64MB 64MB
ROM (Flash Memory) 128MB 128MB 192MB
Operating System Windows CE 5.0 Windows CE 5.0 Windows Mobile 5.0
Multilingual Operating System  
SD Card Slot
Screen, Dimension & Weight
Drop Specifications1   Multiple drops  
Screen 2.8" 3.5" 3.5"
Dimension / H x W x D 100x61x15.5mm 118x75x20.9mm 119.4x76.6x16.3mm
Plastic Protective Cover
Anti-slip Hand Strap    
Anti-drop Belt Strap  
Wireless Networking
802.11b/g (b only)
Single SSID (Persistent Connection)  
Seamless & Fast Wi-Fi roaming ( < 1 sec) ( < 1 sec)  
Configurable roaming trigger level  
Always on Wi-Fi  
No popup of neighbor networks selectable by end users  
Bluetooth 2.0 EDR   (1.x)
Terminal Services Client (TSC) / Remote Desktop (RDP)
Full screen (240x320, QVGA)  
Auto-logon (No manual entry of username & password)  
Auto-start Application  
Application Security & Protection (Under User Mode)
Configurations Protected  
Prohibit Direct File & Database Access / Copy  
Prohibit Data Access via ActiveSync  
Prohibit Unauthorized Installation  
Optional Magstripe Card Reader (MSR)
Integrated with MSR (Plug-n-Play)    
Encryption at hardware level    
Prevent Card Data Theft    
Low Power Consumption    
Real-time Alert Feature
Programmable LED (6 colors)  
Removed Entertainment & Personal Software / Hardware
Removed Software      
      Games, Music & Movie Player  
      Personal Organizer / Email  
Battery & Power
Sleep Mode (2% of power and
Wi-Fi is still ON)
Sleep will turn off Wi-Fi
Standard Battery 1200mAh 1500mAh 1440mAh
Extended Battery (Optional) 1880mAh 2680mAh 2880mAh
Optional 6-Bay Battery Charger  
Longer Operating Hours2
(Standard / Extended Battery)

8 / 12 hours

8 / 16 hours

2.5 / 5 hours
Deployment, backup & restore
Integrated backup, restore & upgrade utility  
Clone Utility (Clone master configured PDA to many PDAs with different IP & WLAN settings)  
Spare Parts for System Integrator & ISV (Independent Software Vendor)  
Longer Product Life Cycle (5 years+) (5 years+)  
Fast boot up time
Approx 13 seconds

Approx 20 seconds

Approx. 32 seconds

1) 6 drops to concrete floor from 1.5m, 1 drop per side.
2) The time is measured under configurations: Wi-Fi turned on/WEP, standard backlight, disabled all power saving, disable PDA sleeping & no data traffic. Actual battery performance depends on POS application & data traffic.  Some best tuned POS applications could run 6 hours / 12 hours (standard / extended battery, WF35) in live environment. However, it is well known that RDP/TSC application may drain battery more quickly and thus good power management is critical to a sensible RDP PDA solutions.

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